The Firm Law Group is experienced in a wide variety of civil litigation matters, representing companies and individuals alike, as both plaintiffs (those filing suit) and defendants (those being sued).

  • Defense – For those being sued, Florida Law requires companies to have an attorney representing them in court; however, individuals do not have the same requirement.  Far more often than not, companies and individuals alike, either completely ignore the lawsuit or try to handle it on their own.  The fact of the matter is that while a civil judgment may not affect you or company immediately, you can rest assured that it will not go away, and may affect you when you least expect it down the road. Experienced attorneys can often times work to mitigate your damages to something that is financially manageable, at an affordable and realistic price.
  • Plaintiffs – The Firm Law Group and its attorneys have successfully filed and resolved hundreds of matters on behalf of its corporate and individual clients, in many different areas of law. Some areas lend themselves to contingency fee arrangements where you don’t pay unless we win. If you would like to pursue a claim or think you may have a civil claim, please feel free to call us for a free consultation. No potential defendant is too big or small for us to sue!